Oak Ridge weddings: behind the scenes

So, you’ve picked a mate.  You’ve selected a date; you’ve possibly even read our 13 wedding hacks.  Now, supposing you’re considering holding your wedding at one of our venues, the Ashbourne Hotel or the Brackenborough Hotel?

 Well, here’s a taster of what to expect…

 Initial Appointment

“What we try really hard at” says Mark, Hotel Director at the Brackenborough “is to give the couple space.  They’ve come to see the wedding venue and get a feel for it, not have a sales pitch rammed down their throats.  It’s about finding out if they like the space and whether they can see themselves celebrating a key moment in their life, with us.  I let the venue speak for itself.”


From there, a date can be held in our bookings diary for 2 weeks, obligation free. This blocks it out to all other enquiries.  After this time, a deposit is required to secure the date.

 “If they decide to book, that’s great” says Rob, the Ashbourne’s Wedding Co-ordinator.  “We will reconfirm all the basic details, so we all know we’re singing from the same hymn sheet.  Registrar’s details will be provided if they’re looking to also have a ceremony with us, some basic package choices may be made, bridal suite booked and so on.  We then leave them in peace, to make their plans, source suppliers and generally get organised.  The lead time to the big day can be anywhere from 6 weeks away, to 3 years – every wedding is so different, but that what makes the job brilliant!”

 Final Meeting

Every aspect of the wedding will be questioned and documented, so that we know we have left nothing to chance – we will have knowledge of exactly what is happening when, step by step, from who is decorating the venue, to what the gluten-free guest is having to eat at the evening party.  Then the final invoice can be put together according to any last minute tweaks in guest numbers.  Up until this point, no payment is required other than the deposit, although many couples do prefer to pay in installments; but we leave this decision up to you.

One of things we as a company pride ourselves on, is that the wedding co-ordinator at the initial meeting will also be the person who takes care of you right through to your big day.  This means that everything discussed along the way, from taste testings, to subsequent meetings, to endless emails, will all be fresh in our memory come the wedding day.  We will know almost as much as yourselves by the end of the planning process, and this means we seamlessly conduct the day according to your express wishes, so you can both relax and enjoy it!

We believe peace of mind is the best gift we can give you for what is ultimately one of the biggest days of your life together.

 Your Wedding Day

Your wedding co-ordinator will be your rock throughout the day, gently guiding you through each element of the order of events, and all you have to do is look good, smile a lot, and say “I do”.  We will take care of pretty much everything else, from acting as master of ceremonies, to providing a few of our own personal touches…….

Some of Team Brackenborough, adding themselves to the photobooth gallery!
The Ashbourne’s Rob, taking one of his legendary “wedding selfies”!

 And if you still don’t believe us, here are a couple of our most recent testimonials.  You have no idea how much these mean to us; we continue to pinch ourselves that we get paid to do this.


 “Special thanks goes to Rob who did everything possible to ensure our day went so smoothly. The venue looked fantastic as did all the hotel rooms. The food on the day was awesome as was the food in the restaurant when we visited a couple of weeks earlier. The package put together for our wedding was brilliant and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Ashbourne to any of my friends and family for a special occasion or just to visit for a drink or a meal. Thank you everyone that was involved in making our day so amazing.”

O, Ashbourne Hotel

“We got married in the Tennyson Suite on Friday. There is nothing more the staff could have done for us. Every single detail was perfect and they went above and beyond to ensure everyone was happy. Outstanding in every way, the food and service were exceptional and many people commented it was the best venue they has been too. So pleased with all that they did for us.”

Mr & Mrs S, Brackenborough Hotel

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