The Ashbourne goes back to school…

We recently took a journey back in time, as Ashley, and long-serving Ashbourne staff member Sally visited a local primary school, which had been flagged up to us due to Sally’s connections in the local community.

Canon Peter Hall CE Primary School in Immingham kindly extended a lunch invitation and tour of the school to the Ashbourne due to a partnership that has recently been created between the two establishments.

Headteacher Mrs Fawn has been very busy during her headship “breaking down barriers” as she describes it.  Taking an all-encompassing approach, she has ensured that all children have equal opportunities in terms of extra-curricular excursions, and has set up an innovative rewards based system for the children, that sees them carrying out duties at school for “pay”.

And we met two of the polite young boys who had already benefited from this scheme; Ben and Logan, Year 6s who have spent a term working as lunchtime helpers.  The whole process is purposely set up as one would expect a real world work opportunity: application letters, formal interviews and follow up letters to give the pupils a taster of the future.


Once the term of work is completed, the pupils are then “paid” with a lunch at the Ashbourne, and as a result of the unique restaurant-style setting of the school’s lunch hall, complete with dining etiquette that is expected of all children, they are well equipped to behave impeccably when they arrive in our Fork & Spoon restaurant at the Ashbourne, which they certainly do!

These children are a credit to the school; it was hard to believe their manners and social skills were so well developed at such a tender age.  This is testament to the work and vision of the head teacher, and shows that her ethos for the school is paying dividends.

We are proud to be a part of this innovative scheme that is truly making a difference to young peoples’ lives, and are more than happy to support them in this fantastic venture.  We will also look to extending this and working on other projects with the school in the future – stay tuned for more!

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