The Rise and Rise of Oak Ridge “Lifer”, Amie Evans

{Our Financial Controller’s journey through the ranks at Oak Ridge Hotels, in her own words.}

I began life at the Brackenborough as a waitress in the restaurant, as I was too young to work behind the bar. I loved it – meeting people, serving amazing food and chatting to the guests. I soon built up a rapport with the regulars on a Saturday lunchtime and this quickly became a favourite shift of mine.

As soon as I was old enough I moved into the bar, excited for the new challenge. It was a busy environment, but lots of fun. My final day of work was Mother’s day, which was quite apt as I was going on maternity leave. Too big to squeeze between the tables to serve meals, I sat in the back on a stool and polished cutlery – even then I was dedicated!

After maternity leave I returned for one day a week… my favourite shift – Saturday! Then one day, Ashley offered me a reception position, which I quickly accepted, as I always thought the receptionist job looked challenging. I loved it – wearing a suit, cashing up the tills and being the first point of contact for the guests. I thrived on the responsibility.

A few years later I was invited to interview for the accounts clerk position which was perfect for my family life, as it meant working office hours. Once more I loved the challenge, learning a whole new job again!

Several years passed and I relocated to the Ashbourne Hotel, ready for the new build and to undertake my additional role of PA to Ashley. Now this was a challenge! The building project at the Ashbourne was amazing, manically busy from start to finish, but seeing everything come together was amazing. I recall the open days we held and showing guests the new rooms, function suite and outside areas – it was like being back on reception and interacting on the front line again.

After obtaining my degree in Business Management (whilst juggling my work commitments) I was offered the role of Financial Controller, which I was thrilled to take on. And of course, where you will still find me today.

People sometimes ask me – why do I continue to work for Oak Ridge Hotels? These are a few of the reasons:

The team. I am surrounded by like-minded enthusiastic individuals , which is incredibly motivating for me.

The customers. It’s fantastic to see people having fun, and knowing you contributed to this.

The suppliers. Building long term relationships and supporting the local Lincolnshire community is really satisfying.

The ultimate answer is that I can’t stay still; I need change and diversity, and I’m very fortunate that Oak Ridge Hotels has given this to me.
amie evans


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