Musings of a General Manager…

{Brackenborough’s GM, Mark McGrath, and his thoughts on his first few months with the Oak Ridge family.}

Things happen in hotels. They are hubs of the local community. Places to stay, wine and dine, where meetings take place and special occasions are held. The Brackenborough Hotel epitomises this by offering the best the local Lincolnshire area has to offer with a friendly, inviting and relaxing front of house atmosphere. The collective experience my team brings to ‘The Brack’ means there is not much we haven’t already seen in hotels…though maybe you have something to surprise us with! In the hospitality industry, we certainly never say never.

While my time at the Brackenborough has only just begun, I feel that it is already a place of great standing, with a good local following from Louth and the surrounding area. The mix of staff at the hotel enables me to draw on a wealth of experience from all over the country; this is reflected in the menu styles and the many accents floating around the venue.

My background within hospitality is very community focused, having worked mainly in the Lincolnshire area – an area known for its lack of pretensions, and down to earth demeanour. Everyone knows everyone and it is this close knit feel that really seems to set the tone at the Brackenborough – we won’t treat anyone like a stranger. What’s more, despite the fact that I’ve only been General Manager here for a few months, I already feel like I’m at the heart of a family; we have each others backs, and when there’s a crisis, be it work or personal, you just know there will be help available. I sincerely believe this carries over to what we do in the hotel, and I’m confident that the customers can see and feel this too.

It will be a pleasure meeting you all over the coming months and years, whether at our various events, your own special occasion or just popping in for lunch or a coffee. I shall look forward to meeting you; our door is always open, and the coffee is always hot.



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